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Blue Gradient

Welcome to my realm.

Where our magic and chemistry has yet to be discovered.

My name is Kira Rain,

I have eyes as deep as the ocean and curves that will excite your sense of adventure.

Beautiful, long, soft locks of hair.

A mischievous smile full of youth, passion & laughter.

A spirit of whimsy, affection & sincerity.
I'm the girl you didn't know you need...

I'm the girl next door.

I grew up on Magic, Romance and Escapades.

When we meet, I want it to seem as tho we've known each other for years, as we enthrall bystanders with our excitement!
But secretly we're new to each other, still learning each others laugh,

hearing each others stories & feeling each others touch.

We're the same couple that walks into a room and everyone can feel our sexual tension, like static on your fingertips.

The smell of lust and sex appeal gliding along with us as we make our way back to our suite. 

This is my type of Romance.

This is our Escapade.

Leave the Magic up to me! 

Body Measurements

My Statistics 

  • Age: 33

  • Height: 5'10" / 182.80cm

  • Weight: 200 lbs / 90.7 Kg

  • Breasts: Natural 40C

  • Ass: Natural

  • Eyes: Deep Blue

  • Hair Colour: Brown to Blonde Balayage

  • Hair Length: Long, lower back

  • Intimate Grooming: Brazilian Wax

  • Lingerie Size: 1X

  • Tattoos: 8

  • Piercing: Yes (Visible & Dainty)

  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

  • Body Shape: BBW

  • ​Colour: Coral

  • Personal Feature: Eyes 

  • Animal: Humming birds

  • Drink: Water

  • Movie/TV Genre: Syfy Fantasy 

  • Actor: Keanu Reeves

  • Food: Fruits


Adventure Dates

Every encounter is special, but just imagine the memories we can make! let's design an unforgettable adventure together.


Special rates come with special dates!! 


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