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Summer Daze


The sun blazing and temperatures rising. It's Hot! Summer is here and I've been craving the sun.

I slip into a very skimpy bikini breezing through the house only to stop, give you a quick kiss on the cheek, and let you admire my full figure in the swimsuit. I bend down to whisper in your ear. With one smooth motion, your hands are on my hips and I'm straddling you. You're always so quick and it takes me by surprise! Grinning from ear to ear, I wrap my arms around the back of your neck and squeeze your face into my breasts. I kiss the top of your head and with a sultry tone...

"Enjoy your coffee and the view"

As I sit on your lap, I feel you're not wearing any underwear, just your thin sleep shorts.

So like any good woman in my position would do, I start to roll my hips forward, down, and back. Within seconds I can feel you begin to grow, your shaft stiffening up against me. I sit up and hover above your lap. Your shorts are showing me every detail of how much you enjoy me.

Since you like the tease so much, I grab your wrists and lean back. grazing from the head to the base and back up. stopping at your head, tilting forward with a little pressure.

With all the movement, my lips have engulfed my swim bottoms.

In a sultry tone, I whisper " Enjoy the tease".

No. It wasn't a question if you were wondering. It's a statement! I have no intention of stopping there. I want to put you over the edge.

I get up slowly, Saunter and Sway as I grab my bag and some water and head out the back door, I left you sitting there. Hungry, wanting more.

Stepping out into the backyard, I take a big breath. I feel sexy, powerful, and elated.

I scan the yard and see the perfect place to lay out! The window you're sitting at drinking your coffee is perfectly aligned with a sunny patch. I make my way over to set up my lounge chair and I can feel you watching me. I sit at the edge of the lounge facing the window, open my knees wide, and apply sun lotion.

Watching my perfectly manicured hand sweep gently up my legs to my inner thighs, I turn around with my knees on the lounge, I reach back and squirt lotion on my cheeks. I can fill your eyes glued to me. So I take my time to rub in the lotion, moving my thong bikini bottoms ever so slightly from side to side but never slipping.

Curious as to how entranced you must be, I turn around to see a devilish grin across your face. Not missing a beat, I begin to lotion my breasts. Caressing perfectly around my top and making my way to my tummy moving down, my fingertips beyond the waist of my already low cut, very exposing bottoms.

I want you flustered!

And ohh I can see it in your eyes!

Drowning in my mischievous delight, I bend over into the lounge and slide down onto my tummy to remind you of my favorite position.

Finally, all lotioned up and relaxing, I have time to settle into this warmth washing over me. There is something magical about being aroused and exposed to the sun, I feel so good!!

That's when I hear you... The door gently shuts. I hear the sound of soft steps as you make your way through the grass.

Never opening my eyes, I feel your shadow cast across my back. In a deep whisper, you say "You missed a spot"

I think... Yes, finally!! I've been waiting for this, I knew you couldn't resist!

You place one hand on my bottom and use the other to lotion me, never moving your hand.. not even a squeeze.

After what feels like an eternity, I feel the pressure of your left hand lighten. Leaving a dissatisfied longing for more of your touch, if that was all I am going to get.

In that sexy deep tone, you say

"I'm finished"

That's when the warmth comes flooding over me again! You've slid one finger under and back out quick enough to melt me.

I'm dazed but you bring me back to reality when I hear you tasting your finger. With a deep low growl of satisfaction and just like that.. You're gone but I can still feel you watching.

To be continued...

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Jul 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A superbly seductive introduction to the erotic experience that is Kira. Teasing and tintilating with just enough mystery to let your imagination run wild with whats to come next. The description of the gentleman’s arousal was particularly effective in eliciting a similar response by this reader 😊

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