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Who is Kira Rain

Come get to know me

I've been procrastinating creating a blog in fear nobody would enjoy what I write.

I just remind myself that Kira is confident, bold and doesn't care about negativity on the internet.

I'm stepping out of my usual comfort zone to find new ways to connect with you. I know when researching the internet for a compatible companion it can be difficult. Most of us need to find something in common with that person to help ease performance anxiety or shyness.

So this my be my most conceited post...

"You should see my resume and you'd think me a liar!"

We may as well start there...

Picture of me laughing at the to do list. it reads.. Make him cum, tease him, kiss his forehead. alt text secret discount code: TEXTALT .  add to the introduction of contact form when booking to utilize.
Touch me, Tease me, Kiss me, Please me

My sense of humor..

Do you enjoy Dad jokes?


Too bad, I'm not a Dad... I do tend to come with little quips during conversation. I always laugh at myself. Great news for for you, you'll never need to feel pressured to find me funny!

Sometimes my humor can be sometimes described as dry. Id almost say as dry as the Vegas desert but it's rained quiet a bit so far this year. I like to say, I'm witty!

standing on the railing of a staircase looking at the shelf of books. I was actuall peeking at some people in the gallery below but the only people who know my secret are whomever used Alt text!
A book read is knowledge gained

My friends describe me as a story teller. I love to indulge others in the details of a story from how, when, where and to whom the circumstances came to be. I love the details!

My personality is bubbly, creative, passionate, strong-willed and honest.

I pride myself on being honest. Obviously there will always be a part of Kira that will need to lie to stay safe.... pssttttt.. My real name isn't Kira Rain !

My Hobbies

My hobbies tend to always lean in the creative direction. Currently I have taken on a huge project of building a School Bus into my own little domicile! I've hit a few roadblocks and set backs along the way but I'm working out the kinks! I'm a little over my head but this is how I learn! I've also been making CBD oils for my Bestie, Andrea Davis (check out her blogs here)

They've been a wonderful addition to her very sexy massages and they are even better with 4 hands on you!

40ft traditional yellow school bus with a do in the window that doesn't belong to me
Puppy Dog is not mine

I love animals! I have 4 cats myself whom stay in Idaho for now till my Bus is ready to roll.

it's hard leaving my animals with my father right now but I'm out here in Las Vegas building up my business to support their bougie cat food diet (science diet *for allergy reasons)

although I only have cats, I love dogs! trust me when I say that if I'm ever on an outcall to your home, I will make your dog a lap dog.. BIG or SMALL! I had all large breed dogs growing up!

Growing Up

I grew up knowing I had inherited Celiac Disease. So food options outside of home cooking were always a pain! I'm in luck now that more people understand and recognize Gluten as an issue.

This opens up so many more options for dinner dates, snacking while out and about and grocery shopping! Also if you ever want me to make dinner for you, that can most certainly be arranged!

A beautiful dish of Crème brûlée with two raspberries and a Gluten Free biscuit on top . It's creamy and tasty like me!
Date night with a special friend

Growing up wasn't easy and I definitely had to grow to love myself. I have been going through a lot of life changes recently. I used to be worried what others thought of me and my clothes, the way I did my hair, if I was pretty or not.. It took becoming a Sex Worker for me to realize I am beautiful just as I am! I am worthy of peoples attention, love and admiration. What I enjoy most is putting that same energy into my relationships with my lovely friends!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends that I've connected with over the past few years, I've been able to build myself into the confident young woman I am today!

My new found confidence has encouraged me to expand my horizons, buy clothes that show off my curves, feel good about myself... lets be honest here... Andrea, being the best friend she is will hype me up! She will encourage me to buy the outfit I've had my eye on even though I tell myself I'm too "big" for it. And the compliments always come flooding in!! I sometime need that outside perspective!

Two designer bags of Tory Burch and Two Radley London.  this was my first time going shopping for designer bags!
Being whisked away with Andrea for a day of shopping

Thank You

And I suppose.. I'll leave it at that for now! Thank you so much for sticking around to get to know me a bit better or learn about me for the first time!! I'm going to try my hand at writing so please give me constructive feedback anytime!

me happily leaning into a fruit harvesting pole full of oranges and smiling from ear to ear! little under boob peaking out of my two piece crop top outfit
Orange picking for my Birthday

With all my love,

Kira Rain

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