Supple Rendezvous

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Genuine Tryst

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1 hour: $450
1.5 hours: $600
2 hours: $800
3 hours: $1K
4 hours: $1.5K
5 hours: $2 K
12 hours: $3 K
24 hours: $5 K
48 hours: $7K

Special Offers

6 days for $6k

In honor of reaching 6,000 followers on twitter, I'm offering a very special incentive to invest in the most magical time together!

6 total days of bliss, my legs entangled with yours. Breakfast in bed


Make a purchase from my Skoolie wishlist, help me pay for an Electrician, Plumber or flooring and I’ll add in bonus time.

Special Extension options 

$10-$300 : Nudes, personalized videos, GFE texting package
$300-$500 : 1/2 day extension to date, 1 year sub to OnlyFans
$500-$800 : 1 day extension to date, 1 year sub to OnlyFans
$800-$1500 : 1 1/2 day extension to date, 1 week GFE texting package.
$1500-$1800 : 2 day extension to date, 2 week GFE texting package.

Perfect for The Girlfriend Experience or Vacation time together!

♥ Available until I reach 7,000 followers
♥ Must be booked before 7 K followers but can be scheduled beyond 7 K goal.
♥ Must receive gift from wishlist before date to apply it to appointment.
♥ If assisting with purchase not listed on wishlist (electrician ect) extension option can be added to deposit.
♥ 5 day notice minimum  to scheduled appointment
♥ Deposits determined based on total days booked.
♥ The more you spend in a chosen extension range, the more you get from that package.
♥ Only available to travel within the USA
♥ Must mention offer while making the appointment!

 Learn a bit more about my Wish List