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Have Questions? Need answers? Dying to know details? I'll do my best to make it easy for you!







Why do you ask for ID?


Asking for real world information is considered "Standard Practice". 

References are being phased out slowly.

Every Provider has different standards and requirements to ensure they feel safe and respected during the session.

I use your information to perform background checks, I check the Sex Offender list ect.

please do not contact me if you are not willing to comply to this request.


Both of our time is valuable. 

How much are your deposits and why do they vary?


My in town Deposits are $50.
Intown should be a maximum of 20 minutes only if travel time is within the region I reside in.

Any FMTY (fly me to you) or DTY (drive to you) Will vary.

I will calculate the cost of the transportation to you, hotel accommodation for myself (in case of cancelation) as well as the time spent on planning this trip.


I do not refund Deposits unless I am the one who needs to cancel the appointment. 


Deposits are deducted from the total investment.

EX: a one hour appointment is $450. If you are booking local and the deposit is $50 then $400 even is owed upon arrival. 

How to approach and be prepared for an excellent encounter.


Are First Impressions really a thing?


Across this industry and the world, your first impression really sets the tone for your character and our encounter. 

Start with doing your own research on me prior to initial contact.

A well thought out introduction really catches my attention! As well as filling out the booking form with Real World Information. 
Never use lewd nor explicit verbage.

Upon meeting, it's important to remember to keep up hygiene!

I always come freshly showered and I expect the same from my suitors. 

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